About Us

Feeding and Nurturing Minds Int’l Foundation,with its slogan “Reaching the unreachable”, is a foundation that is set up to reach those in the communities who cannot care or afford every means of care.

As a foundation we are to go in search of the most vulnerable because they feel ignored, abandoned, and neglected. These people are usually scared to come out because of the prejudice that will affect how they go around situations.

The Foundation will go into these communities to assist the most vulnerable to meet their basic needs and nurture their minds with hope, love and care they deserve.

Patience Yakubu, founder of the foundation says her vision and desire for Humanity gave birth to Feeding and Nurturing Minds Int’l Foundation (FNMF).

FNM Foundation is here to say all hope is not lost and we can look forward to a brighter future.


Feeding and Nurturing Minds Int’l Foundation is a foundation that has been launched to join the global community to fight hunger, a global problem and second goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our joy is to see the most vulnerable nourished and become healthy to join others to make the world a better place.

Our vision

Feeding and nurturing minds to a better future

our Mission

  • Reaching out to the needy
  • Helping the abandoned in the society
  • Helping those who have lost hope for living
  • Bringing nutritious and healthy foods to people in developing countries in the fight against hunger


  • Raising healthy young people
  • Raising public awareness on Hunger
  • Improve nutrition and reduce hunger
  • Reduce food waste
  • Making the people we help feel important
  • To ensure no one feels hungryand make them focus on bettering their lives
  • To get raise funds to support families
  • To gain enough support to reduce worldwide hunger
  • To create sustainability with less privileged communities
  • To get all people together and support other communities